Rent a Car in Ireland Close

Tips for Driving in Ireland

If you are used to an automatic, be sure to specify automatic when making your car rental reservation.

When you drive the car for the first time, take it around the block at the airport a few times to get used to the controls and driving on the left-hand side of the road.

Get a good map at the airport, and have someone other than the driver to navigate. Take your time - drive slowly at first until you gain confidence. Watch the signs carefully!

On the two lane roads, drivers will often pull over if they’re driving more slowly than the rest of the traffic (when there is an opportunity) to let faster moving vehicles pass. When drivers pull over like this to allow you overtake, it's customary to wave, toot your horn or put on your hazard indicators briefly as a way of saying "thanks!"

Bicycles are in frequent use, and in addition to keeping an eye out for bicyclists, there may be sheep and other livestock grazing along the side of the road in some areas—keep a watch out!

It would be a good idea to not let your tank drop below 1/3. Gas stations in smaller towns may be closed on Sunday and close early during the week. If you're traveling in the remote country it could be a long way to the next station.